It is our great pleasure to welcome you to share the wonderful Greek food and culture in this, the 48th Annual PANEGYRI Greek Festival. Each year, we look forward to welcoming all of Cincinnati into our home. Volunteers have spent many hours planning, cooking and baking to ensure that you enjoy a full Grecian experience.

While you’re here, browse through our Greek-style agora (open-air market) to find that something that you can’t get anywhere else. Attend a cooking demonstration, so you can learn to make what you just enjoyed. We invite you to take a free Church Tour and learn more about the Eastern Orthodox Christian faith. Take a moment to appreciate the intricate mosaics, the beautiful iconography, the melodious Byzantine chants, and the sweet incense while learning about our centuries-old, deeply-rooted Eastern Orthodoxy.

When we began this festival in 1975, it was a way for us to give back to the local community by sharing our culture and heritage with our neighbors. Loosely translated, Panegyri means “festival for everyone”. This includes singles, couples, adults, families and children. Our festival has something for all ages and is truly a wondrous event. We are proud and excited you are spending time with our family this weekend and hope you have the opportunity to experience the festival to its fullest.