Did you know the word "kefi" expresses someone's pleasure and satisfaction with life. We wish you "kefi". Let our dancers take you on a musical journey through Greece, featuring dances from both the mainland and the islands. Enjoy the artistry and rhythm of our PANEGYRI Greek Festival Folk Dancers as they perform in full traditional dress.

When our dancers are not performing, feel free to get up, let the bouzouki music overtake you and try out some Greek dances. No need to worry if you're unsure of some of the Greek dance steps, our dancers will be more than happy to help you learn. Join them for free "Learn to Dance Greek" lessons.

There's no doubt about it. Cincinnati's annual PANEGYRI Greek Festival has something for everyone to enjoy. So, come join us and give us the opportunity to share our heritage with you. Hope to see you there!

Dance Groups

Pre-K & Kindergarten : Ta Paidakia

Grades 1 & 2 : Evzones

Grades 3 & 4 : Vlahopoules

Grades 5 & 6 : Nissiotes

Grades 7 & 8 : Macedonians

High School : l Levendia

College : Spartans

Adults : Hellenic Dancers

Dance Schedule

Friday, June 24, 2022

6:00 pm Ta Paidakia & Evzones
7:00 pm Vlahopoules & Nissiotes
8:00 pm Macedonians & Spartans
9:00 pm Hellenic Dancers
9:30 pm l Levendia
10:00 pm Open Dancing


Saturday, June 25, 2022

3:30 pm Ta Paidakia & Evzones
4:00 pm Vlahopoules & Nissiotes
4:45 pm Dance Instruction
5:00 pm Ta Paidakia & Macedonians
6:00 pm Evzones & Vlahopoules
7:00 pm Nissiotes & Macedonians
7:45 pm Dance Instruction
8:00 pm  Spartans
8:30 pm l Levendia
9:30 pm Hellenic Dancers
10:00 pm Open Dancing


Sunday, June 26, 2022

2:00 pm Ta Paidakia & Evzones
3:00 pm Vlahopoules & Nissiotes
4:00 pm Macedonians
5:00 pm l Levendia
5:30 pm Dance Instruction
6:00 pm Hellenic Dancers
7:00 pm Open Dancing

Plateia Philoxenia

Throughout Greece, hubs of activity are found centered around city and village squares. Welcome to “Plateia Philoxenia”, PANEGYRI’s Hospitality Square. Come and relax while listening to our very own GIORGO AND THE CORNER BAND as they entertain you with Greek music. Find our “Hospitality Square” next to the Agora, Pastries and the Kafenion.

Agora (Marketplace)

Browse and shop our market­place where you’ll find:

Alexander’s Gifts - Gold & Silver Jewelry

Colossus Jewelry - Fine Linens, Table Cloths, Silver & Costume Jewelry

The Greek Soul, LLC - Byzantine icons, prayer ropes, home altar items, Byzantine chant CD’s and other religious items

Kofinas Greek Olive Oil - Imported Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Locally Produced Honey