Sacramental Guidelines

Information Needed For All Sacraments

  1. It is our policy to allow the discreet use of video equipment. Video equipment may be placed anywhere on the carpeted areas of the Church. All cameras on the solea must be mounted on a tripod and not moved during the sacrament.

  2. The same rules apply to still photography. All videographers and photographers are asked to consult with the Parish Priest prior to the wedding.

  3. Music: Classical music instruments and the Church organ may be used at your wedding. Soloists may be used with clergy approval.

  4. Please show respect for the building we support and maintain. We ask that you properly dispose of all boxes, plastic bags, garment bags, flower packaging, etc.

  5. No rice, popcorn, birdseed, flower petals, koufeta, etc. Should be thrown within the walls of our complex. this is a safety issue. Flower girls are allowed to disperse flower petals as they accompany the bride. No balloons are permitted in the sanctuary. The above mentioned items can be thrown or used outside.

  6. Visiting Orthodox clergy may attend with the permission of the Parish Priest and the Metropolis of Detroit. If the Parish Priest is not informed, the visiting Orthodox clergy will not be allowed to participate. Non-Orthodox clergy are not allowed to participate in Orthodox sacraments.

  7. The choice of flowers is yours. No ribbons, decorations or flowers may be affixed to the ends of the pews. all floral arrangements must be free standing. All flowers, candlelabra, etc. must be removed from the Church immediately following your sacrament.

  8. FYI: Our Church accommodates approximately 450 guests. there are 18 pews on each side of the center aisle and 2 pews in the north and south alcoves. The center aisle is 66 feet long

Sacramental Guidelines for a Baptism

  1. A facilities fee of $150 ($500 for non-members) is required in order to schedule a date for a baptism. All stewardship obligations must be met two weeks prior to the baptism

  2. It must be verified that you and the sponsors are members (stewards) of Holy Trinity-St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. If the parents and sponsors are members of another Orthodox Parish, they must present a letter of good standing from their parish and signed by the Parish Priest of that Parish.

  3. The sponsors must be married properly in the church. Sponsors who are not married in the church or have not received an ecclesiastical divorce, if divorced, may not serve as sponsors.

  4. You will need the following items:

      • 1 white hand towel
      • 1 white bath towel
      • 1 white flat twin bed sheet
      • 1 bar of soap
      • 12 oz or larger bottle of Greek olive oil
      • baptismal candle for the child
      • 2 additional candles for the witnesses
      • baptismal cross
      • appropriate baptismal clothes for the child

    Any additional questions may be directed to Fr. Mark.

Sacramental Guidelines for a Wedding

  1. AT LEAST THREE MONTHS PRIOR TO A WEDDING, an appointment must be made with the priest in order to prepare paperwork required by the Church. a couple is required to apply for an ecclesiastical marriage license from the Metropolis of Detroit. This paperwork must be completed at least two months before your wedding.

  2. The bride and groom must provide copies of their baptismal certificates. These certificates must verify that the bride or groom is Orthodox and that the non-Orthodox party has been baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  3. If the bride or groom is divorced a copy of the civil divorce must be presented at the time of preparation of the wedding papers. If the bride or groom has been married in the Orthodox Church and divorced he or she must have an original copy of the ecclesiastical decree of divorce. This can be obtained from your Parish Priest or from the Metropolis of Detroit.

  4. It must be verified that you are a member in good standing (steward) of Holy Trinity-St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. Your stewardship (financial) commitment must be paid in full two weeks prior to your wedding day. If the bride or groom belongs to another Orthodox Church a letter of good standing must be obtained from their Parish and signed by the Parish Priest.

  5. A facilities fee of $300 ($750 for non-members) is required in order to schedule a date for a wedding.

  6. Verification of ecclesiastical good standing for your koumbaroi is also required. If they are members of our Parish we will have that information. If they belong to another Orthodox Parish, their good standing must be stated in writing by their Parish Priest.

  7. If the Orthodox bride or groom is from another metropolis or parish, or came to the United States from abroad after their 16th birthday, a "Pistopioitikon Eleftherogamias" will be required from the Metropolis he or she was born in and signed by the Metropolitan or his designated agent.

  8. A civil wedding license must be presented to the Church office one week prior to the marriage so that it can be prepared for signatures the day of the wedding. A marriage cannot be celebrated without this document. it should be obtained from the county clerks office in your county of residence. A civil wedding license is good for up to sixty days prior to your wedding day. Any and all questions can be directed to the Parish Priest.

Any additional questions may be directed to Fr. Mark

If you would like to pay the facility fee for a sacrament, CLICK HERE for online payment information.