Making a Stewardship Donation

2023 Stewardship 

2022 Stewardship  


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NOTE: PayPal charges 2.2% + $0.30 USD per transaction. For example, PayPal charges the Church $22.30 for a $1,000 donation.  

When does the Stewardship process begin?

2023 Stewardship Commitment Cards were mailed to all registered Parishioners' homes in September 2022. If you have not received a Commitment Card, please contact the Church Office. Information requested will include the names of family members, ages of the children, a list of activities in which members will participate during the upcoming year, and a commitment of a financial contribution for the coming year. The commitment listed on the card will support the church for the coming year. The commitment can be paid weekly, quarterly, monthly or yearly. Weekly or monthly offerings may work better as it is easier to manage small, regular contributions rather than large accumulated amounts. It is also easier for the Parish to operate the Church if stewardship donations are consistent throughout the year.

Payments begin in January and continue through December for a given year.


Who makes a Stewardship Commitment?

The Stewardship Commitment is completed per individual or family.

  • A family commitment may include a husband and wife with or without dependent(s) or a single parent with or without dependent(s). 
  • A single working adult over 18 years of age without dependents should make his or her own commitment.
  • Family membership allows each Orthodox spouse voting privileges in parish matters.

Click here to submit a Stewardship Commitment online

Click here to print the Stewardship Commitment Cards

When is the Stewardship Commitment effective?

Commitments made for 2023 are effective from January through December of 2023.


When should I return my Stewardship Commitment Card?

The Stewardship Committee encouraged all stewards to return their 2023 Commitment Cards by Sunday, September 18, 2022. If you have missed this deadline, please send in your card as soon as you can. 


What happens if my circumstance changes during the year?

If your financial situation changes, you can change your commitment by advising Fr. Mark.

All commitments should be paid in full for the good of the Church. Fulfilling your commitment allows the Church to appropriately budget for her needs and ensures that stewards maintain their status as stewards in good standing. However, a steward in difficult circumstances may at anytime privately contact the Parish Priest to lower or discontinue their commitment until circumstances allow for a return to their original commitment.