Time and Talent  

Time and Talent is getting involved with the Church, both in your participation in ministries and offering your volunteer time, as well as your talents, to help further the Church's mission and ministries. 

If you have any professional or occupational skill that you would like to offer to the Church on a volunteer basis, please contact the Clergy, or any member of the Parish Council or Stewardship Committee.

CLICK HERE  to refer to our Parish’s Catalog of Ministries for a high-level overview of each of our Parish’s ministries.


In God's wisdom, we were all created to be different in our abilities and talents so that we might help each other. God designed it that way to bring us together as a community. When we pray and worship as a community, many talents are at work; the Priest; the congregation singing; the chanters; the altar boys, and the ushers are giving their talents.

Talents can be as simple as being a reader to organizing a fund-raiser. Maybe you can sing well or write well, or you can bake or cook well. Whatever the talent, we are called by God to share them and each of us has many talents to share in the service of our Parish and the community at large.

Think of all the different talents you have and how you could use them to benefit others and the Church. Look over the many ways you could help out and make a commitment. We need everyone's talents, so the burden isn't left to a small group.


The world of today is a fast-paced, time consuming place. Our jobs, children, personal commitments, leisurely pursuits, and sleeping all take a toll on the 24 hours we have in a day. We never seem to have enough time. The irony is time was given to us by God, and us humans, in our wisdom have figured out endless ways to use it or waste it. Could there be any greater use of our time than that spent serving God in fulfilling His mission, serving the Parish, and our fellow brothers and sisters?

Here at Holy Trinity-Saint Nicholas we have many great ministries, committees, worship services, classes and fellowship gatherings where you can spend your time spiritually, helping others, in fellowship, and serving the needs of the Parish and the community. We have people volunteering their time for many of these great works, but we need help from everyone, so the burden doesn't fall on a few. The needs of the Church are growing as the number of parishioners grows, and we need many more stewards to come forward and offer their stewardship of time.

Organizations and Ministries

Sunday Church School Philoptochos
Greek Language Education Ministry (Greek School) Stewardship Ministry
JOY/HOPE (pre-K-6th grade) Outreach Ministry
GOYA (grade 6th to 12th) St. Sophia Mothers Club Ministry
Altar Boys AHEPA
Music (Choir or Chanting) Daughters of Penelope
Parish Council Communication & Multimedia
Panegyri Greek Festival Young Adult Ministries
Over Fifty Club Orthodox Christian Fellowship


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