Greek School


Greek School registration for the 2017/18 school year is on Sunday, August 27th and Sunday, September 3rd. Classes begin on Sunday, September 10th.

The Greek School offers classes to Children as well as Adults. Classes typically begin during the second week of September and continue through the third week of May.

Children's Classes:

The curriculum for children's classes focuses on fundamentals of the language as well as giving the children the ability to converse in Modern Greek at least at a basic level. Furthermore, the school gives children the opportunity to learn about the Greek Orthodox culture by marking important dates that occur during the school year and discussing them with children. These include October 29th, Christmas, Ta Fota, the pre-lenten Carnaval celebrations, the Annunciation and Greek Independence Day, and Easter. The children also learn Greek Christmas Carols (ta Kalanta), and memorize poems that are recited during the Annunciation and Independence Day celebration. One of the primary objectives of the school is to give children a strong and positive identity of their heritage and the ability to make it part of their lives so they can pass it on to the next generation.

Classes are offered on Sunday from 12 Noon to 1:45 pm with a 15 minute break. Tuition for one year is $125 per child ($150 for Kindergarten). Families with more than one child pay $115 for the second child and $105 for each additional child. Tuition includes the cost of books.

Adult Classes:

Adult classes are offered for beginners as well as more advanced students of Greek. The adult classes focus on the basics of the alphabet, grammar, and the ability to use it properly in conversation.

Classes are offered on Sunday from 12 Noon to 1:45 pm with a 15 minute break. Tuition for one year is $175 for per person and does include the cost of books.

Being exposed to the Greek language is a special opportunity. It connects us more directly to the Greek culture and to a history of a nation which has played as great a role as any in shaping the world as we know it today. Greek has been spoken for over 5000 years by many millions of people; it is the language of our ancestors, our Church fathers, and we offer you the opportunity to join us in learning it as well. Greek is at the root of most western languages including one third of words in the English language - and probably well over half the words that may appear on college entrance exams.

Registration Form:

If you are unable to be in the church during the registration dates, click here to download an PDF Fill-In registration form. Download it, fill in the necessary information, save it, and send it as an attachment to the director of the Greek School at


If you are considering Greek School or if you have questions, you are welcome to call the director, Alexandros Laftsidis at (513)-356-3489 or email him at