Altar Boys

Upon entering the third grade, all young men are invited to become altar boys. The boys are organized into groups which serve, in rotation, at the Holy Altar during all worship services. Extracurricular activities are also planned to encourage fellowship, partnership, and teamwork. The following is the Altar Boy team designation and schedule for this year. In addition, RULES OF THE ALTAR that must observed by all who serve, follows the schedule.


Fr. Mark Emroll

Fr. Jon McClish






Alec B. Dean G. Constantine S. Niko F.
Peter K. Peter M. Michael V. Stratton P.
Andrew F. Niko G. Evan K. Tommy P.
Niko Pap. AJ F. JD C. Johnny M.
Nikita P. Jeff F. Jeremy C. Konstantinos B.
Matthew F. Philip B. Athan M. Mark M.
George A. Ari M. Thanasi P. Dimitri P.
Niko Pao. Thanasi B. Nikolas P. Aleksandros B.





Altar Boy Rules

1. No unnecessary talking.

2. No eating or drinking in the Altar. NO GUM.

3. The Sunday dress code is: shirt, tie and dress shoes. NO SNEAKERS.

4. Walking behind the Altar Table should be kept to a minimum.

5. No Altar Boys in the Vestry at any time. Vesting is the only exception. Altar Boys should stand at the Altar Table or in front of the chairs.

6. Before leaving the Altar, ask Father for permission and his blessing.

7. Accept your assignment without complaint.

8. Always display good manners.

9. BE ON TIME. Enter via the Deacon's (North) Door. Please arrive five minutes before the start of any service.

10. When offering or receiving something from the Priest, always kiss his right hand.

11. When you vest, ask Father to bless your belt before putting it on.

12. If you will be absent, please call the Priest ahead of time so a replacement can be found.

13. Meetings will be held throughout the year. Times will be announced through flyers posted on the bulletin board and sent to your homes. Announcements will also appear in the VOICE and the Sunday Bulletin.

14. All Altar Boys must register and participate in Sunday Church School.