Inside Our Main Hall

We invite you to come inside and enjoy a variety of authentic Greek pastries in the air-conditioned main hall.  Here is what you can choose from:


Greek Pastries

SP Baklava - Paper-thin sheets of filo dough, bathed in butter, layered with walnuts, sugar, and spices, baked to a crispy golden brown and then drenched with our homemade honey syrup.
  Chocolate Baklava - Everything taste better with chocolate. Baklava dipped in milk chocolate.
  Galaktoboureko - Delicious creamy custard wrapped in filo baked and drizzled with honey syrup.
  Kataifi - Finely shredded filo wrapped around a filling of grounds nuts, then dipped in our honey syrup.
  Koulourakia - A braided, semi-sweet butter cookie. A favorite with children and adults for dunking.
  Kourambiethes - Tender, buttery, sweet cookies liberally coated with powdered sugar.
  Melomakarona - Honey-dipped spice cookies sprinkled with ground walnuts.
  Pasta Flora - A delicate shortbread crust, filled with either apricot or raspberry preserves.
  Tsoureki (Sweet Bread) - This braided egg-rich sweet bread is served throughout the year as a compliment to any meal, but is traditionally served during Christmas, New Year's Day and Easter.


Kafenion (Greek Café)

Enjoy your Greek-style coffee or a cool Frappe with a crunchy Greek cookie.....a "paximathi" or "koulouri" in our coffee house. You might also enjoy "rizogolo" a creamy rice pudding, or a refreshing dish of yogurt, also served Greek-style.