Philanthropy, Fellowship, Faith in Action - Our Mission

"To aid the poor, the destitute, the hungry, the aged, the sick, the unemployed, the orphaned, the imprisoned, the widowed, the handicapped, the victims of disasters, to undertake the burial of the impoverished person and to offer assistance to anyone who may need the help of the Church..."

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Calendar of Events

Check back often. We are always adding more events and details!

Now- December 6

Mount Healthy's Sharing Tree - We want to give to families in our community this holiday season but we need to act quick! We're giving through Mount Healthy's Sharing Tree! Through Monday, December 6, we're collecting cash or gift card to Kroger, Walmart or Meijer. Donations can be given to Presvytera Ginny or Stef Diaz. 

Now - December 11

Sweet Treats Online Sale Open - Place your order!

December 5, 7pm

St Nicholas Vespers Refreshments - We're celebrating our patron saint, Saint Nicholas. Click here to let us what you can bring. Contact Lilly Kyrios if you have any questions.

December 6,7 & 8, 9am

Sweet Treats Cupping and Packaging - All hands on deck! We will be cupping and boxing our sweet treats. Please come and help with whatever time you have. Many hands make light work. (This won't be the last time you see that quote.)

December 9-11

Sign up for a shift here! We want to make the best use of everybody's time. Thursday, we will be packaging orders. Friday and Saturday are pick up and sales.

December 10-11

Sweet Treats Bake Sale - Just in time for the holidays! Impress your guests, be the ultimate gift-giver, or simply indulge yourself for the many reasons to purchase our wonderful Greek treats this holiday season.

January 8

Christmas/Theophany Dinner - Celebration with our members and their spouses. 

January 9

Philoptochos Chapter Meeting in the Small Hall

January 11

City Gospel Mission - Sign up to serve.

January 16

Vasilopita Luncheon & Auction - See Mina Sideris if interested in baking a Vasilopita for auction.

February 13

Philoptochos Chapter Meeting in the Small Hall

March 8 (Tuesday)

City Gospel MissionSign up to serve.

March 13

Philoptochos Chapter Meeting in the Small Hall

April 10

Philoptochos Chapter Meeting in the Small Hall

April 17

Palm Sunday Luncheon

April 21

Egg Dyeing

April 29

Zoodochos Peghe Refreshments - Check back for sign up

May 8

Philoptochos Chapter Meeting in the Small Hall

May 10 (Tuesday)

City Gospel MissionSign up to serve.

June 12

Pentecost Refreshments - Check back for sign up

July 12 (Tuesday)

City Gospel Mission - Sign up to serve.

September 13 (Tuesday)

 City Gospel Mission - Sign up to serve.

November 8 (Tuesday)

City Gospel Mission - Sign up to serve.

National Philoptochos AGAPE Awards 2020

Congratulations Mina Sideris!

Mina received this distinguished award for her decades of exemplary service to the Church, the Philoptochos Society and to those in need. She always has a positive attitude and part of every mission. As member for 25 years, she has served on the board and as chairwoman of our Sweet Treats fundraiser. Her beautifully made aprons are cherished by all the Sweet Treat workers. Crediting the influence of those who lead before her, she takes the "best of them" and continues to teach and pass on their values. We are truly blessed to have you as our sister. Thank you Mina!


Helping our CommunitiesFeatured Philanthropy

Philoptochos strives to help near and far. From hurricanes in Louisiana, earthquakes in Haiti to international COVID Vaccine distributions check out the impact our National Philoptochos makes each month.

This year, the National Philoptochos Society Children’s Medical Fundraiser focused on Gratitude: Honoring Our First Responders and Winning the Battle for our Critically Ill Children. Over $500,00 was raised for children's medical organizations in the Detroit Metropolis. $25,000 was granted to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

Local Non-Profits: Bethany House, City Gospel Mission, Mount Healthy Schools, Crayons to Computer, Dress for Success, G.O.Y.A., Philoptochos Visiting Angels

National and International Non-Profits: Church Women United, Our Daily Bread, Bessie Pappas, Children's Charities, Alzheimer's Association, Children's Medical Fund, Ecumenical Patriarchate, Hellenic College Holy Cross Seminary, International Orthodox Christian Charities, Metropolis of Detroit Summer Camps, Metropolis of Detroit Scholarship Fund, National Philoptochos Emergency Fund, N.A.M.I., Orthodox Christion Fellowship, Retired Clergy Benevolent Fund, St. Basil's Academy, St. Photio's National Shrine, St. Spyridon Fund, Support a Mission Priest, UNICEF