A Living Legacy: Community Center Capital Campaign

Our Community Center Matching Campaign ended on Friday, May 31. The response to program was overwhelming, and we raised $203,000! Through the generosity of our Parish family, the entire matching fund was exhausted. Once these donations are applied to the loan, we will have a remaining balance of $10,600. We are confident that we will retire the debt by our target date of December 1, 2019. Our sincere thanks to everyone who gave so generously to this campaign.

We express our profound appreciation to the generous benefactor, who has given so abundantly toward this project in memory of †Helen and †Konstane Merianos.

 May their memory be eternal!

Please join us in our effort to retire the remaining balance by 12-1-19. 

Make a generous donation today! 


Construction Progress Pictures


Community Center 360 degree view

In 2016, we successfully completed the most significant construction work for our Parish in the last 25 years.

We now have

• An inspiring Parish Community Center, where all of us come together as one Church family in a spirit of fellowship, thanksgiving and worship.

• A transformed "Bishop’s Walk” – an inviting showcase for religious, educational and cultural exhibits.

• Honored our responsibility to treat our Parish facilities as our home and to set an example for our children.

• Realized the vision of what our Parish center was meant to be by working together to pursue our goal with faith and confidence.

We have come a long way, but our work is not done yet. To retire the remaining loan balance, we humbly ask you, and our entire Parish family, to help us to go the distance and finish what we started.



The work included replacement of the wood gym floor, new basketball backboards and hoops, installation of new energy efficient LED lights, new wall finishes, replacement of glass in upper windows, new audiovisual system with two large projection screens. 

In the Bishop’s Walk corridor, new display cases were installed between six new glass double doors leading into the Community Center. 

The total construction cost for the Community Center was budgeted at $644,073. This amount included an allowance of $53,000 for the audio visual system, and a construction contingency of $40,000 to cover unforeseen costs. The project was completed within the budget. 


Building Improvements Committee


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