Holy Trinity-St. Nicholas Reopening

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Dear Holy Trinity – St. Nicholas Parish Family,

I pray that our most-merciful God continues to bestow His grace, peace, and love upon all of you!

His Eminence Metropolitan Nicholas has issued a Phased Reopening Plan (see below) for the parishes of the Metropolis of Detroit.  For our Parish, the date for reopening with Phase One is scheduled for June 14th. Phase Two is scheduled for July 5th.  The plan is designed for in-person worship on Sunday mornings only.

The objective of this plan is to allow for safe, in-person worship using the guidance of state and local governments and measures recommended by the CDC. Medical professionals have also contributed to these guidelines.

In adherence to the Phases Reopening Plan, the Parish Council has created the following procedures specifically for Holy Trinity – St. Nicholas Church.

Seating and Distancing- For Phase One, only the main floor seating will be used. Blue tape has been placed on the back of the designated pews for parishioners to sit. Your back must be within the marked area. Only parishioners who live in the same physical dwelling are permitted to sit as a group.  There are no exceptions.

Parishioner Registration Process- In order to attend the Sunday Divine Liturgy, parishioners must register with the church.  Registration will take place Monday through Wednesday of the week preceding the Sunday service. You may register with an online form via the Parish Website (htsnchurch.org/reservations) or call the church office (513.591.0030 ext 10) between 9:00 am on the Monday through 2:00 pm on Wednesday before the Sunday service. Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once we reach capacity for a particular Sunday, the remaining registrants will be rolled over (in order) onto the list for the next Sunday.

Register for Services - Click Here

When you register, you will provide the name and number of people in your group. Only the number registered will be permitted to enter the church. No exceptions.

Access and Entry into Building and Church- All worshippers will enter from the East entry doors to the Bishop's Walk. This is the only entrance that will be open.  Masks must be brought and worn by each person. The church will not provide masks. Parishioners will proceed down the Bishop's Walk to the check-in table in the front lobby. The person who registered will give their group's name. The person will answer a few health questions on behalf of their group. Once completed, the group may enter the Narthex.

Candles will be available to light and place in the sandbox. Red votive candles may be purchased, however, only Parish Council members are permitted to bring the candles into the church. Exact dollar amounts for cash is appreciated. You may also use the Givelify app for purchasing candles.

Once the group is finished in the Narthex, a Parish Council member will escort your group to be seated. To maintain proper order, the pews will be filled from front to back. Groups will not be allowed to select their seating area.

Stewardship, donations, and contributions may be placed in baskets next to the sandboxes in the Narthex.

I ask that everyone follow the direction and guidance of our Parish Council members during the Divine Liturgy.  I also ask that we exercise patience and understanding in this process.

May God bless our entire Holy Trinity – St. Nicholas Parish Family!

In Christ,
Fr. Mark Emroll
Presiding Priest



  • Phase 1

○ Churches to open at 50% of allowed capacity.

■ Allowed capacity is either state determined maximum or number of people who can be in the building while maintaining 6 feet distance between individuals/family groups, whichever is less.

■ Each church will have to appoint or otherwise determine the people to come in the church for any scheduled service without exceeding the appointed number.

○ Anyone who is currently experiencing any symptoms of illness must stay at home.

○ All at risk persons are strongly encouraged to stay at home. ■ At risk persons are those with pre-existing health conditions, and those over the age of 65.

○ The churches may have health checks at the entrance to the church. This may consist of a series a questions about general symptoms and/or a temperature check with a touchless thermometer.

○ Everyone required to wear masks. The churches may offer masks at the entrance in the church to everyone who does not have one

○ There will be no bulletins distributed to parishioners. The priest will read the announcements as normal, following the end of the Liturgy.

○ There will be no liturgical books in the pews.

○ Antidoron to be cut and put in plastic bags by one person wearing gloves and mask. Priest wearing mask or face screen will distribute bags with antidoron at the end of service.

○ There will be no choir until further notice. The choral duties will continue to be performed by chanters singing on opposite sides of the Church.

○ Centralized baskets, trays or boxes for receiving stewardship should be placed and pointed out during announcements. As well, online giving options should be referenced where available. Traditional trays/baskets should not be passed.

○ Churches to be fully cleaned/sanitized after every service. If possible, wait 2-3 days before cleaning and follow the CDC guidelines for disinfecting the surfaces.

○ There will be no Coffee Hour following any of the services of the Church until further notice. There will also be no meetings or other gatherings permitted on the premises.